A Cup of Beauty by Ammu Ashok

The Machinery - A literary collection.

Illustration by Tatiana Zmeevskaya Illustration by Tatiana Zmeevskaya

One lovely evening,
I had a cup of coffee
scribbling, flash of thoughts
on my notebook.
An anonymous friend
came by my side,
tapped my laptop screen
with her paws
looking at my coffee.
She gazed with thirst,
I gave her a sip
drank delightfully
but surprised on her unwillingness
to give the cup back.
A quick look at the screen,
she paused and stared
at her own image
on my laptop screen.
She smashes the cup onto the floor.
I realised my Cat’s
perception of beauty.

About the Author

Ammu Maria Ashok

“I believe, not only humans but animals can also get motivated by
the abstract concept,”beauty”

Ammu Maria Ashok, is an Assistant Professor in English Language at Mar Baselios College of Engineering & Technology, Trivandrum, Kerala. She started her freelance writing since 2005. She has published many articles and poems.

About the Illustrator

Tatiana Zmeevskaya

Tatiana Zmeevskaya is…

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