What’s In A Name?

Mr Wayne


You want to know a secret?

Too bad. I’m telling you anyways.

I hated my name growing up. I mean I really, really hated my name. Who names their kid, “Mr”, anyways? Well, by now you must know my first name is not really, “Mr.”, “dear sir” or any other salutation.

While I was growing up, “Wayne” was a name reserved for cowboys, hockey players and Englishmen (it does make sense as the name does have English origins).

Somewhat surprisingly, I didn’t get made fun of my name. That is, with the exception of a troubled older teacher who got her kicks calling me “Wayne The Pain” (not that I hold a grudge or anything) and a pig-tailed spectacled girl who used to call me, “Waaaaaayyyyynnnneeee.” I still get shivers when I think of her. Mike Meyers had nothing on her.

Kids thrive on targeting other kids for anything that…

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