One reason that Taiwan didn’t fail to impress me..

The Pinay Ajumma

Have you ever been to a place where you spent a night and yet, it fascinated you with just one thing? It may sound a little absurd but I never thought it could happen to me.

The husband and I were returning to Japan after a wonderful time in Bali. It wasn’t a direct flight but a 12-hour layover awaited us in Taiwan. The longest stopover so far! How about yours? Of course I was not that merry about it, however I chose to see the bright side. Entering another country just for a layover, how cool is that? 😊

Thinking about going to Taiwan and spending a night there somehow energized me. Questions like “Is Taiwan beautiful?”, “Is it safe?”, “Does it have heaps of buildings and the like?”, “Oh and the food?” trained through my brain.

My bad I can’t recall how exactly long we traveled from Bali to…

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