Snooze and you lose


Been a busy one last week and this week is starting to look like the same. Nevertheless I’m back here to share yet another veterinary related post with the hopes of creating awareness.

Regardless of how experienced a veterinarian is, he/ she will never be able to say that they have seen / treated every condition in the world.
Medicine is ever changing- new insights on various conditions, availability of medications, advancement in technology,modification in treatment protocols, etcetera .
As a result, treatment techniques used in the past may no longer be deemed relevant for our current conditions.

For example, the use of Prednisolone (corticosteroid) in an animal that presents for Demodicosis (known as Demodex/ Demodectic mange) has fallen out of favour as we now know that this can further suppress an animal’s immune system andmay result in worsening of clinical signs.
In fact, daily oral Ivermectin therapy (of…

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