Can you solve a chess puzzle that could prove quantum consciousness? 

True Strange News

The creator of this puzzle is brilliant.

It might look like a simple chess problem, but this puzzle could finally help scientists uncover what makes the human mind so unique, and why it may never be matched by a computer.
75 years after Bletchley Park sought codebreakers in the Second World War by placing a crossword in The Telegraph, scientists are again inviting readers to pit their wits against a new conundrum to find the quickest minds.

Shredder chess app on Grand Master setting gives up.

Easy for humans, eh? I’ll have to come back to it later. What must why not do? Perhaps white must not let any one out of the trap, and just get the stalemate against the three bishops? That seems pretty tricky… unless you think backwards. Hmmm.

The puzzle coincides with the launch of the new Penrose Institute, founded by Sir Roger Penrose, emeritus Professor…

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