Making Hatpins. 🎨


I made a few hatpins, which I want to use in my scrapbooks.

“Hatpins reached a peak of popularity between the 1890’s and 1920’s, as music hall actresses like Lillian Russell and Lillian Langtry fueled the popularity of large elaborate hats without bonnet strings. Having originated in the 1850’s to secure straw hats, hatpins became longer and more ornate over time (1910 was the height of hatpin length, with the stems alone reaching 10 to 12 inches).”- Collectors weekly.

They are also called stick-pins. I used a salt shaker and an incense holder as hatpin holders. You can also use pincushions, cotton reels, etc. The hatpins fit in the salt shaker as well.

Hint: A neat trick that I used was to use Earring Butterfly Backs to keep the beads in place and prevent them from  falling off. You can also use Crimp beads, which are available at Walmart,

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