The Making of a Woman

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I have written before about my process of creating realistic characters. It’s a bit of psychology, human behavioral study, plot-need fulfillment, and witch doctory. However, there is a greater aspect I’d like to discuss: that is, the broader social issues at hand. When I write, I don’t like pounding…

Good Jazz

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The way to tell good jazz is that you don’t notice him till the song’s ‘most over. Good jazz sneaks up behind you and pulls down your shorts and then drinks your beer when you to turn to see what’s happening. You stumble and fall, wondering who did…

Is Butter the Future?

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In the April issue of Elle magazine, Molly Langmuir questions the societal and dietary norms that preach ‘fat is bad.’ Langmuir spoke with Sally Fallon, who, for two decades, has preached  the health benefits of enjoying animal proteins, organ meats, and raw milk and yogurt (while avoiding all things processed), and reveals that food—like all…

Inspirational power

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At A Wandering Memory we understand that the Earth is a wonderful place, offering such variety of memory making locations and experiences A number of those locations are natural wonderlands that have the power to empower and inspire the human spirit. ? Go out see the earth for yourself, Travel…

Rian Malan on Zille tweet: SA wounds too raw for colonial truth. Brilliant.

South Africa’s gifted Rian Malan is a peerless writer. And the bestselling author’s contribution to the debate around Helen Zille’s controversial colonialism tweet is up to his world-class standards. He reminds us that socially-inflicted wounds take generations to heal, especially when they were violently enforced. Such was the antagonism even three quarters of a century after […]