Different kind of guy


It was almost dark outside when he walked into a shop which was going to close any minute.

He picked up the juices and ice cream.Nothing too special, I guess.

I promise he was like any other guy, or maybe not.I don’t know.You tell me.

When he paid for all his food the shop immediately closed.

It was like he ended this part of the book.

Walking in the dark streets was his favorite thing.

I assume it opened his ‘dark’ side of him.

Disgusting smells, lonely wasted people screaming and weird singing from the other road.

He somehow felt himself whilst being surrounded by all of these sensations.

When he finally found his favorite spot, he sat down.

His eyes were glowing, he was watching how slowly river flowing and he finally got to eat his food.

At least tonight is not that cold and he is not alone.

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