Living your purpose through your Gifts


​The richest place, they say, is the graveyard. How astonishing!

The richness of the graveyard does not automatically translate into financial riches, or wealth prowess. In fact, as it is also extensively preached, permit me to put it this way; the graveyard is wealthy!

Wealthy in potentials that were never released, gifts that were never harnessed, talents yet to be tapped, destinies which have been cut short, inventions and innovations which laid dormant in the hearts of men, concepts which were never realized nor came into fruition, ideas latent at their bosom, and so on, and so forth.
Someone once said, “The best way to live a fulfilled life is to make use of your gifts.” In addition, it is proclaimed by the wisest king in Bible history (King Solomon), that, “Your gifts will bring you before kings.” Perhaps, this is why I am always depressed whenever I see people…

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7 thoughts on “Living your purpose through your Gifts

      1. It’s on my reading list Maria – I am busy converting a book to electronic format for a local church …very time consuming. The process is scan the physical book (done), OCR the images to text (done) then create electronic books (epub & azw3) from the text. Finally proofread & correct errors. regards, rOn

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      2. Good luck, dear Ron! What an interesting job you’re doing! Haven’t you thought simply to make photos of all the pages of the book, then to use Fine Reader? It saves time. And the quality is better than while scanning.

        Good luck! Best regards, Maria

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      3. Maria, that was my original intention – in fact I have built a proper book scanner…however I am not satisfied with the action of the platen [to be resolved]. The church gave permission to take the book apart and so the scanning was accomplished quickly. I use software similar to Fine Reader with excellent results – average of two errors on a page. Thanks for your interest shown. …rOn

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