What are readers and reviewers saying about HEARTS IN RUIN?

by J.C. Conway

Hearts in Ruin 3d

“Compelling insight into the cut-throat world of academia and a certain savagery that exists in terms of competitive edge and power.”

“kept my attention from start to finish”

“strong willed, intelligent protagonists… You don’t have to know archaeology or even understand when they discuss strata… entertaining and modern… easy read and a great book.”

“I had to hide from family…”

“melds a serious story with a wry sense of humor that keeps it a light and happy romance”

“The hero is a lovable and sexy beta hero and the first kiss scene is the best I’ve ever read. The heroine is bold, self-confident and competent, and I want to be just like her.”

“entertaining and informative novel”

“a wonderful portrayal of sexy archaeologists doing a legitimate archaeological dig.”

“This book didn’t make it to my list… I finished it. [Conway] weaves great sense of humor and light romance into a serious and intriguing story with interesting facts and realistic view of an archaeological dig.”

“I found this story to be fascinating.”

“A very enjoyable and entertaining read.”

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