East Iceland: getting lost, stepping off and finding myself in a strange little corner of the world


Hitting 30 was a huge turning point for me- I was living my life in a monochrome, facing a round trip commute of 3 hours to work in central London. I felt so completely disconnected. I was in one of the busiest, most exciting cities on the planet and I couldn’t have felt more lonely. As I looked to friends settling down and moving forward in a conventional way I felt static. It dawned on me that I did not have a “career”, a house or a partner- all the things grown ups are supposed to strive for. And most of all I had stopped making art- the biggest passion in my life…

But hang on a second, I didn’t l have a job I was committed to, big financial responsibilities, and I didn’t have anyone else to answer to or ask permission of- all the things that had made me feel so low were the exacts reasons I could have a big adventure and…

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