The Yellow House: A Novel About Vincent Van Gogh by Jeroen Blokhuis



Vincent Van Gogh is a strange, enigmatic figure on the landscape of modern artistic history. He’s a man who is often reduced to being known only as a mad genius who cut off his own ear.

I was sent this novel by Holland Park Press for honest review, and I think honestly think that you’ll really like this volume, if you’re into art, people, or history. Although a novel, it looks into the time and place of a man’s life and gives a well researched, sympathetic and realistic sense of the man Vincent.

Set in the town of Arles in France during 1888-9, we are introduced into the thoughts and hopes of a man who lives to paint, who dreams of inviting and hosting his painter friends to his yellow house, and having a salon there, but who is also wracked by loneliness. The very nature of his work makes…

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