Reykjavik, Iceland

A Girl With An Adventurous Fork

“It’s been done. It’s too late to turn back now. I hope I made the right decision. How did I manage to get on this plane by myself? What will I do when I get there? What if I hate it?” The thoughts started rushing into my mind, emotions overwhelming my body, and fear followed by doubt began to take over. “What am I doing?” I thought as I stared out the window at an unfamiliar city below me. 


After a six hour flight from JFK International Airport, my plane finally landed on new ground. A new city. A new country. A new continent. A mysterious place called Reykjavik, Iceland. “I’m here,” I said under my breath. As I anxiously sat in my seat I was ready to disembark the plane to see if my decision on traveling solo was the right one. I felt bittersweet. I was scared, nervous, and…

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