Gamlebyen, Fredrikstad, Norway

The World according to Dina

Hanne Siebers_Gamlebyen_kleinThe old part of Dina’s hometown is one of the top ten most scenic and popular spots in Norway. The Huffington post recently voted Norway as the best place on earth and Gamlebyen was the fifth reason for this decision. Not bad! But what makes Gamlebyen so special?

Der alte Teil von Dinas Heimatstadt gehört zu den ersten zehn schönsten und beliebtesten Stellen in Norwegen. Nach einer Umfrage der Zeitung Huffington Post ist Norwegen der weltbeste Wohnort, und die Altstadt von Fredrikstad war der fünft wichtigste Grund für diese Wahl. Nicht schlecht! Aber was macht diese Altstadt so besonders?

Hanne Siebers_Gamlebyen_Collage_kleinFredrikstad Fortress, also known as the Old Town (Gamlebyen), is one of the best preserved fortified cities of Northern Europe, and a lively urban community complete with shops, housing, business and industry and a flourishing cultural scene. We love to visit the market on a Saturday morning,  the open-air restaurants, galleries and…

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