“The Foreigner from a Distant Land.” by Paula Addai

The Rants of a Ghanaian!


I am a foreigner, from a distant land.
I speak your language but you don’t understand.
I have hands like yours, that are never praised
I have eyes like yours that can also gaze.

I know you came from the land of my father
But then why can’t we accept each other?
It is sad you think that you are better
But if I am stupid, how did I write this letter?

My strength you use to beat your butter,
But whether I’m hungry or not, it doesn’t matter.
I know one day I am going to belong
That Is why I comfort myself with this bitter song.

It is hard to sleep when I hear the loud bang
From thoughts of my family members being forced to hang
You try to keep me on your little hook
Your ears burn when you hear me read a book.
You can…

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