What is a Mindset?

Penny Mueck Studio

Your mindset is the attitudes and thinking patterns that define you.

Your mindset is the emotional aspect of you that helps create the life you live in the physical world.

Most people have limiting beliefs built into their mindsets. Many of us feel like we are not enough in some way, and this belief, while we may not always be conscious of it, affects how we live our lives.

Mindsets develop early in life, but they can also be influenced by things that happen later in life.

You can alter your mindset to support you, however it takes a lot of work.

To change our mindset it is really important that we first understand the story we are telling ourselves. Sometimes those stories exist under a lifetime of baggage. Changing a mindset is not something that happens overnight.

Start listening to the stories that define your mindset. To change your…

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