How To Build A Wedding Website With WordPress

“No, everything we talk about here is about self-hosted sites. does not allow the same flexibility in terms of plugins.” – Nathan B. Weller



How To Build A Wedding Website With WordPress

Building a website around your wedding is a great way to keep friends and family informed about your special day. It’s also a great way to communicate to them about the schedules, location, accommodations, gifts, etc., without having to play phone-tag or stay on the phone for hours just to reach everyone every time there is an update.

A wedding website is also a great way to showcase the event. You can show off the cake, show a video of the wedding vows, showcase the photos in a gallery, and much more.

Some of these will just be shared as information. Others will be something that visitors will interact with. WordPress is the perfect platform for a wedding website. Here is a list of tips and plugins that will let you build your perfect wedding website to go along with your perfect wedding.

This article will take a look at setting up your website and utilizing some plugins for the key elements of your wedding website. So, before you say I do…

c o n t i n u e . . .


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