Cats and oatmeal.

Life Through the Lives of Others ;


I have allergies, like most do, but I have allergies that forbid me from cuddling with my favorite animal.

Monday; I’m also allergic to Monday’s. And Friday’s.

I guess I’m allergic to everyday of the week living with three cats; Midnight, Tigger, and Nova. But that’s not the point, I love them and I’ll have a stuffy nose any day of the week if that means I get to live with the meow machines.

Recently that three turned into two; I won’t lie and say it wasn’t hard.

Because it was.

Watching a humans life fade away and watching an animals life fade away bring two different feelings. Both sad, but sadness has many different ways of surfacing.

With a person, you’re not putting them down.

Not technically, anyway. And usually we, humans, blame God or doctors; we shouldn’t because God never wants to see us feel pain and…

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