The Dress – ‘Why confidence shatters’


So you’re getting ready.

Your man or your woman (apologies for the possessive terms, but I blame the english language) is sat distracted doing whatever they’re doing. You are going out for the night, it is a big night and you have been waiting for this for a while. You have tried on many outfits but nothing quite suits, you think you have found the one and you turn to your partner.

“What do you think?”

With a glance and barely a turn of their, you hear.

“uhm, it’s fine. You look fine.”

Time is up and you have to leave, your confidence now hinges on a ‘You look fine’. It is hardly going to hold up the Hoover Dam or support Led Zepplin at Wembley but it will have to do, the event is in 20 minutes!

You don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, or in your outfit…

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