Sunshine, Madrid, January

We're the Travelers

Madrid is a cloudless city. In January it’s possible to have a day in the sunshine under the blue sky. We have had such a weekend in the capital city of Spain where the population is over 6 million. Hearing this information I excepted a big, hectic and dirty city with typical elements and after the small, cozy Venice I thought, ok, let’s go to the metropolis.

We arrived on Friday at 23:00 pm to Madrid. At Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport wasn’t cold or just my temperature perception changed knowing we are in South Europe. Placebo. Taxi driver didn’t speak English and 10 minutes travelling cost 30€. I think it’s not cheap but in the night we wanted to be in our hotel as fast as possible. Hotel 4C Puerta Europa wasn’t in the centre but the metro station and the non-stop shop gave us calmness. It was late, but arriving to the…

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