The faces of Egypt : Part 1

Chevvy's Studio

Choosing Egypt

I often wonder whether Egypt chose me rather than me choosing Egypt. My husband had always indicated an interest in visiting Egypt but the decision to travel there was nudged by three things.

Firstly, I was travelling on a plane, casually leafing through the in-flight magazine when I spotted a picture very similar to the one below. Something about its starkness appealed to me and I carefully tore out the picture with a mental note to myself that I wanted to stand at a similar spot one day and take a similar picture with the St Katherine’s Monastery sheltered in the valley.

Secondly, I thought this would make a great birthday present for my husband’s milestone birthday.

A third reason was that for various reasons, the biblical story of Moses kept surfacing and it felt that just as much as Moses needed to heed God’s call, I too…

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