Daily Dream 01-09-17 Water Ways


The waters glistened in the sun as I stood atop the reef, my gaze searching the horizon. Time lost all meaning as I strained my eyes, seeking for any sign of rescue. They’d taken away my ship, dragging her away in chins. They’d tried to take my companion, those she managed to escape by shedding some of her armor. Then, instead of killing me, they left me here, abandoned. Without friends. Without support. Without hope.

My prison wasn’t even a proper island. There was no sand, only the sharp reefs threatening to cut through my boots. No true land in sight. No supplies left to lengthen my sentence. Only the knowledge that I would slowly wither away as the waters lapped at me, as the sun burned down upon me, and as the madness of survival worked itself upon my mind.

A pair of fins broke the surface of the…

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