Paleo Seed Buns – Handy for Takeaway Lunch

Cooking Without Gluten

I had to prepare takeaway lunch with a very strict dietary restrictions attached to it – no grains, pseudo-grains, starches, dairy, soy, lentils, yeast or sugar. Another set of conditions applied to the type of meal itself. It had to be nice and tasty without reheating, and could be eaten in any conditions, so no juicy salads with chicken or fish in a food container. The most difficult part was, that this was unexpected, unplanned, and with only two days left for the next shopping. It meant that not that many fresh produce was left in the fridge, and the majority of ingredients had to come from the pantry. I was delighted, however, with the result – large and soft seed buns, made from the dough I use for many types of paleo bread, filled with “all you have at the moment” egg and vegetable salad (cauliflower, sautéed with carrots…

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