The Sahara

Magazu Travelling

Our 11 hour drive south consisted of lots of swearing and stress, but also the highest mountain roads with views for miles over incredible gorges and rock formations. We took a three hour detour by accident and ended up with a flat tyre down a rocky single lane road in the middle of nowhere, trying not to panic. Especially when we realised we had a spare tyre, but no tools.

But help will always come when you need it, and thanks to some women and their donkeys, and some village men and their car (equipped with tyre-changing equipment) we were back on route after an hour.

As we were now 5 hours behind schedule (we should probably find a map) we hadn’t reached Merzouga before dark, and our headlights lit up a few feet ahead of us, but not enough. We peered into the darkness on the lookout for cyclists…

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