What’s your favorite red?

Just exploring life

…that’s a hard question to answer, I know. By the way, YES my wine glasses are really this big in real life. Someone asked me on Instagram lately if my wine glasses were really that big or if it was the angle. They’re Mikasa glasses that I ADORE not only for their shape- a big bowl and slender, delicate stem – but also for their beautiful audible qualities. “Chiiiing”….it seems to ring forever.

Back to my favorite: I love a good red. I’ve been gravitating toward Argentina Malbecs over the past year. This particular one? It’s called Rue de Perle – a lovely French wine from Cotes du Rhone. Not quite an Argentina Malbec, but one that is – which I quite like as an any-day go-to – is called Tint Negro. Yes, I’m a sucker for an intriguing label and this one definitely has one with it’s inversed lettering…

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