It’s all about getting that Favourite & Perfect seat 

Tales of Rhushikesh!!!

It was 5.25hrs of a chilly winter morning. I reached Bus stand. It was still dark and most of those buses were taking rest while some others were at platform and getting ready to start the day…! Well, the bus which I wanted to board was at platform, totally empty! I lined up in a que, waiting for the Conductor to arrive at the counter and Distribute tickets. I was second in the line and wanted to board the bus first. Ofcourse to get that seat in the driver’s cabin. (I have mentioned my love for that seat in one of my previous blog ?)

My Target: That 40 No. Seat… Source: MSRTC website

This time I was heading south towards Kolhapur. I had a very tight schedule and also had to return back on the same day. Pune to Kolhapur distance is 240Kms and it takes atleast 4.5 hours…

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