Singapore’s 15th reservoir

Traveling Matters to us

Did you know that tiny Singapore, at just over 700km² has 17 reservoirs? Unbelievably, two thirds of Singapore is used as catchment area to capture the rain runoffs from storms that frequently pound our tropical island. At least this is what our public water agency tells us, in addition to reminding us to reduce water use.

Wherever you are (if you are reading this), you should too!

Casting our research around a little, it is clear that water is likely to be the source of a lot of conflict in the future. We read about how countries dispute over who has the right to alter the flow of the rivers or build dams upstream. Pollution is obviously another serious challenge, not just from industrial activities but also from agricultural run offs. Bad water habits have seen water per capita use rise alarmingly too.

We have observed how neighbouring countries with a…

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