Venice: The Abandoned Beauty


What comes to mind when you think of Venice? The Carnival, gondolas, canals, bridges or the pleasure of getting lost? When I think of Venice, I think of emptiness, fragility, and instability. Venice is surely as charming as a scene from a fairy tale. Yet, I cannot help noticing how globalization has affected Venice, not to mention how the climate change can damage this floating city.

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7 thoughts on “Venice: The Abandoned Beauty

  1. We read about Venice being depopulated by locals because the cost of living and lodgings have increased so much. But then we also read of folks who walked the cobbled streets with locals going about their daily lives.
    From your experience do you think Venice is swamped with tourists that leave it abandoned after hours or still bustle with people all the time?

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      1. Before my retirement my wife and I lived in a part of South Africa that attracted hordes of upcountry visitors. Local stores invariably hiked their price to make maximum buck from a captive audience. Needless to say locals came to dread the seasonal price increase. 🙂

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