LOCAL is LEKKER (amazing/enjoyable/preferable)

Abrie dink hardop

In South Africa we have an expression local is lekker. It is a true South Africanism as it is mixture of English and Afrikaans (and in turn derived from Dutch). In the culinary context lekker means tasty and lekkers mean sweets, but this expression is certainly not limited to food and is normally not used in a culinary context. It denotes anything enjoyable from your area be that the continent, country, province/state or town. It may be art, food, wine, clothing, people or places. The term is so generic that it can literally be applied to anything you enjoy or prefer (and at the same time it is so non-generic that its usage is limited to South Africa).  There is even a website with advice to foreign travelers stating that South African English is lekker, explaining the influences of the native languages on English.

I travel regularly in…

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