20 Magical Places In Britain That Are Steeped In Myth…


1. This home of hellhounds on Dartmoor.

Via Adam Burton / Getty

Wistman’s Wood is riddled with tall tales, involving druids, ghosts, rocks covered in copulating adders and even Beelzebub himself. It’s perhaps most notorious, though, for its packs of hellhounds, whose black fur and glowing red eyes can be glimpsed by anyone dreaming hard enough.

2. This mermaid’s pool in Derbyshire.

Via Tony Eveling / Getty

Various legends collide around this bog standard bog, but they generally agree that there’s a water-nymph nearby who likes to bathe in its still waters. If you managed to see her, usually around Easter, you’ll live forever.

3. This monument to slain dragons in Avebury.

flickr.com / Via Traceyp3031 Flickr

The three stone circles of Avebury are ringed with all manner of legends and were interpreted by early Druids as a serpent temple. This font in the local church…

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