“The More You Work on It, the Easier It Gets”: A Conversation with Smitten Kitchen’s Deb Perelman


Deb Perelman started a food blog as an off-hours side project back in 2006, cranking out recipe after recipe in her tiny New York City kitchen. A decade later, Smitten Kitchen (a WordPress.com VIP site) is one of the most beloved food blogs on the web, and has inspired a best-selling cookbook.

The holiday season is all about food, community, and more food — so we recently caught up with Deb to chat about her site’s super-active comment section, the evolution of the food-blogging scene, and her staples for feeding the unruly masses of people known as “friends and family.”

Smitten Kitchenrecently celebrated its 10th anniversary (congrats!) — that’s roughly four centuries in blog years. What keeps you going after all this time?

deb perelman

I just really, really enjoy blogging. I love having a place where I can share what I’m working on in an immediate way and have…

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