Raising Your Child To Be A Well Rounded Adult

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The greatest gift of all is our children, they are our future.  These small humans learn and grow through influences and teachings, nurturing and support of adults.  Our responsibility as parents is to ensure they receive the proper support system to build the confidence needed to follow their passions and dreams and become a productive, successful, functioning part of society.

But how do we prepare our children and raise them to become all they should?  Early Child Development classes teach that a crucial time in a child’s development is the first five years.   Your child’s brain, in the first five years of life, absorbs higher and develops quicker,  than any other time, meaning that learning, health and behavior are crucial at this time.

Later, as they begin school, other factors play a role in their development.  A child’s environment, at school, home and in his community, can have a large influence on how they learn and grow.  Conditions such as social skills, language and culture all come together.  Children, at home and in…

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